Truth and spirituality cannot be stamped out

Can we really be in a world where people who are practicing spirituality are threatened, harassed and bullied?

I have never really considered how significant is the freedom to practice any religion, until the day this freedom has been taken away by those who live day-by-day trying to incite hate upon this very spirituality I have been a part of.

In writing this blog, I have no intention to convince anyone, I only wish with all of my heart, that they stop their attacks, and they may respect everyone’s right to practice spirituality, whether they agree to the same beliefs or not. Please respect we wish to continue and in the depth of all of this, spirituality cannot be stamped out.

How can someone even attempt to abolish something like truth, wisdom, spirituality, divinity and yearnings for a meaningful life?

A new video which updates a world-wide effort to end the attacks against Belzebuub and his community has been posted on Youtube. It is a beautiful and well made video that inspires an urgent message to stop these attacks amid a strange attempt to hold down spirtual seekers:

What’s to think of all this? How far people go to pull down someone elses’ spiritual life?

Books have been burned in the past, fear and hate incited upon people for thinking differently, individuals have been burned on the stake for believing in a religion which did not belong to mainstream.

This obsessive prejudice against another person’s religion, faces one of the most profoundly personal questions of life – the life we have chosen – and the divinity that holds it all together.

I may like to say, sooner or later, divinity will reign and triumph. The truth will persevere. But how do I know what time there is left?

Are all the actions in the world created by fate and by the blowing of the wind, or does my part still mean something? Does yours? Can we actually change destiny or be a force of light in the world?

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Above the stars shine

Above the stars shine, yet you say it is dark?

Look to the stars and they will guide you. They will speak to you in ways you cannot hear.
But will cut into your heart, that you may learn to hear.

That your heart may cry whilst it hears not the calling of the stars but is deafened by your murmurings. Speak not. But hear your heart and hear the way of the passage to the stars.

Above, the darkness takes over the night sky and the mist is thick, but you cannot say that all the suns of the universe have extinguished.

Because as it is said, one of those stars is yours, and in your heart remains the bond, so in this way, listen well to your heart.


Many footsteps have trodden through the dessert, and many have covered over by sand million-fold. And many more have passed only and left aside the journey to the stars.

I perhaps believe in the stars, but in me is that same journey many people have taken and left. There is no telling that my eyes will not wane away their glance. There is no guarantee my hands will not lose grip on the one thing I believe in most.  Nothing is certain.

Yet I have seen the strong and I have seen the weak and I have felt that nothing is different between their distance to the stars. Because nothing is certain.

And yet we cannot do it alone. Nor can we take praise upon us or our actions, for nothing is certain.

I cannot believe it is possible to lose everything for pride. To give up this entire journey, before one really understands what is beyond those stars. To believe we know everything. I have no words for this. Yet I know somewhere I can fail here just the same because there is no way of knowing what will be.

I hope that this determination for truth rests in my heart, when I am frail, when I am weak and when I am strong. And may the direction in which our heart speaks to each of us be the strongest point of contact, and that we may never forget the true place we are going. Home.


During the recent year so much has changed as if the world has shifted, but it is also a time to test the actions of my heart. If they have loving words, but only lukewarm, or if the love in my heart is burning to manifest and to help the light in the world?

How can the calling of my heart guide me? How can the whispers of another time be understood? How can divinity be practiced and made manifest through the human touch?

Although there is more depth then I can ever give credit to, I am gently reminded of this quote from the Gospel of Thomas:

“If the flesh came into being because of spirit, it is a wonder. But if spirit came into being because of the body, it is a wonder of wonders. Indeed, I am amazed at how this great wealth has made its home in this poverty.”

It seems as though there is a deep alchemical message here, yet I am also reminded of the whole pursuit of living out spirituality through the physical body that has been given to us, and bringing about actions which come frome the spirit, to daily life, to living and learning, that this spirituality, the essence, the spirit may have its chance to influence what is in the world, whether it is in relationships or events, and this can only take place through our actions, and not through nice ideas which stay intact in our mind.

Time will tell how far I go or how comfortable I remain. Because as I see it, there is nothing more that I need then a strong heart that yearns for divinity. And I know in some way that efforts of the heart will help pave the steps towards this longing. Therfore I pray that I may have the understanding, the guidance and strength to act correctly in defence of light in the world and the teachings of Belzebuub. That somehow, love, understanding, forgiveness, justice, wisdom and truth will appear through actions and not just ideals.

And now with all of my heart, I say it completely honestly. I would not be here had it not been for the guidance, simplicity, teaching, love and wisdom of Belzebuub, who to me, has clearly taken this journey towards divinity and touched it deeply that he may bring it to the world, so that the world may know it.  I am ever greatful and it is not right for those who are against this spiritual journey to oppress him, and in this way oppressing this opportunity for others to find this journey to take on their own.

‘’The path to the light becomes increasingly narrow as we walk it. Only the light of the Being can lead the way through the terrible encompassing darkness.’’

-Belzebuub, Gazing into the Eternal

If you want to learn more about the background to attacks against Belzebuub, or if you would like to help in bringing defence, light and justice for him and his teachings visit the Gnostic Freedom site.

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Support Belzebuub, Support Peace

A chance has come to bring our voices together in support of Belzebuub.

I would like to share this video in support of Belzebuub and to end the slander and harassment he and his community are facing.

Never in my life had I come across anything so incredible as the teachings of Belzebuub. Incredible because what I learnt through his teachings, were clear tools to explore spirituality – and I was completely blown away, given for the first time a chance to sincerely explore a deep and personal connection to the spiritual, one that I could pursue on my own, not based on beliefs or ideas of spirituality in my head or any form of popular conformity of spirituality, but a journey which unfolds continuously, by my efforts to find that deep and personal connection with divinity, divinity inside of me and around me, in any shape or form.

Along the way, I have learned that this remembrence of spirituality is somehow always there, helping me to find it inside of me if I wish to seek it. The challenge has always been to face that which is not spiritual inside of me, and any illusions or deciets which distance me from this true longing and inner change I could bring.

Never have I come close to such guidance that pointed to something right inside of me like the teachings of Belzebuub, and of the spiritual journey I could take. I will be ever thankful for Belzebuub’s guidance in showing with such clarity, simplicity and honesty how one can take their own personal journey towards divinity.

Now, I lend my voice in support to stop the attacks, and that Belzebuub may continue spreading his message of love to the world.

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The Light of Christ ~ By Belzebuub

I would like to share a recent message written by Belzebuub which touched me deeply.

Whoever has been inspired by the teachings of Jesus,

Can join him in the same internal pursuit towards divinity.

The Light of Christ ~ By Belzebuub

The Christ is love, the opposite of love is hatred.
Christ is light, the opposite of light is darkness.

Love is opposed by hatred, light is opposed by darkness.
The Christ brings love to the world, hatred rises to meet him.

The Christ brings light to the world, the darkness rises to meet him.

The love of the Christ exposes the hatred in the world, the love of the Christ exposes hatred in a person.

The light of the Christ illuminates the darkness and exposes it, down to its very root. When light fills darkness, the darkness is no more.

Darkness fights the light for its very existence.

When the Christ is fully formed and integrated within man, he brings his message to the world. By his message, the forces that hate the light come to oppose him, by opposing him they are revealed, their nature is seen and what was hidden is exposed.

In this way the Christ roots out the darkness of the world, the darkness that is in humanity, exposing it for the benefit of humanity.

All those that oppose the spiritual are revealed for what they are.

Whoever is with the Christ joins with him in his task. All that is lukewarm is discarded.
Whoever is with the Christ can advance rapidly and becomes strong, like a tempered sword.

In the struggle for light, the opposition of the darkness becomes opportunity for the wise. The light creates form from the struggle with darkness, the form that exists in the world becomes a beacon of light for the world.

The old ways are gone, the sword of light becomes unsheathed and advances forwards.

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Stepping into new worlds where a voice to defend may make an impact

The sun still beams through darkened clouds, and shines that we may see again the strength of our calling and walk towards our Father.

May this be a blog of hope that unites many who wish again to search for the deepest voices of the spirit and reveal what is meant to be revealed, so that those who truly search may know and find the wisdom of ancient teachings which have been left behind by many, and now continued by Belzebuub.

Together may we stand to make a safe haven for a mystic teacher who spreads a message to hearts ready to learn and ready to change towards divinity and humility.

Peace in our hearts and peace for the world.

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